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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ditat Deus

Don't know what that means?  It's our (Latin) state motto.  It means "God enriches" and it's on a huge carpet square on the floor of the Arizona State Senate.  I had a chance to see this today since I went down to see the unfortunate demise of House Bill 2625.  I love our state motto. I love that we still use Latin and Godly sayings that help us to raise our minds and consciences above the mundane to higher ideals.  Because latin is a "dead" language, it has the stability that is lacking in the vernacular.  It can't be slanged into irrelevance.

Slanged into irrelevance...that's also what's happening to our religious liberties.  HB 2625, sponsored by AZ House Majority Whip Debbie Lesko, allows employers to opt-out of certain mandated beneftis based on the business owner's beliefs.  It does not authorize the firing of women, the violation of the HIPAA laws or the deprivation of women from making reproductive health care choices.   But it, too has been slanged into irrelevance....for now, that is. Because it's been complicated by the confused, the fearful and the vengeful, it lost in a narrow margin 17-13.

Senator Barto plans to make a reconsideration motion tomorrow that will hopefully bring it to the floor at a time where we can garner a few more votes.  I am still baffled by the few republicans who did not stand with us this time.  Your phone calls and petitions to our members of the state legislature are really having an impact so I'd like to continue to urge you to ask them to reconsider their position and ask them to vote on the side of their conscience as our religious liberties are being threatened at an unprecedented level. 

But the seal has caught my attention. Back in 1863, President Abraham Lincoln signed an Organic Act that recognized the Arizona Territory and allowed it to form a territorial government. To take charge of the new Arizona Territory, President Lincoln appointed John Noble Goodwin, of South Berwick, Maine, Governor and he appointed Richard Cunningham McCormick, of New York, Secretary of the Territory. McCormick was the inspiration behind the seal and depicts a miner in front of a wheelbarrow with a pick and a short-handled spade. Two mountains rose in the background. 

Did you catch that? A miner with wheelbarrow, pick and spade.  This image spoke to me.  A laborer with his tools.  Our freedoms are treasures that sometimes require a lot of blood, sweat and tears.  They are not free. In order to keep and preserve these freedoms, we sometimes need to roll up our sleeves and defend them by the sweat of our brow. This is what is facing us in our state and in our nation.  Sweat equity freedom.  And those 2 majestic mountains? A representation of faith and freedom.  Pillars upon which this country was founded.  

Do I take these freedoms for granted?  You bet I do.  When I showed up downtown today, those on the side of Debbie Lesko's Bill were few compared to our Pro-Abort counterparts. When I walked into the gallery chamber, I noticed the empty seats around me and recognized that very important decisions are made in this chamber on a weekly basis...decisions that affect me and my family.  But this was my first visit inside this building and I've lived here since 1995.  There's something wrong with that.  I must confess, I've been AWOL from the dynamic political process in my state.  It's time I rejoin the ranks of Jane Q Public.  It's time to get inspired. 

So perhaps that is why I was downtown today.  To recognize my creator-enricher in the words of a motto; To be grateful for men and women who fight the statewide good fights on my behalf: Nancy Barto and Debbie Lesko to name just 2; And to prevent our religious liberties from being slanged into irrelevance. And finally, to remind us all that we have a long battle ahead and we must all roll up our sleeves & sweat a little.  

Not hard to do on a summer Arizona day! 

Ditat Deus. 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

What a bunch of Clowns...

Clowns for Life that is! 
Saturday, March 17 was the annual St. Patrick's Day Parade in downtown Phoenix and many of our SJA parishioners and Preschoolers donned clown attire to show up as Clowns for Life.  Special thanks to Maria Mascorella (bright yellow wig, baby blue/white outfit) and her husband Joe for their tireless effort in this event.  Maria made many of the costumes that you see.  Enjoy the photos sent to me from Patricia Bowen (she's the adorable one in the green baseball cap below).  Who says Pro-lifers are all work and no play?