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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Seems fitting as I am sitting here with a full belly to once again offer thanks to God for the many gifts with which He he has graciously blessed me and my family. I am sooo grateful:

To know that I am a child of God
To attend Mass with my family
To have a roof over my head
To be gainfully employed
To have the love and affection of wonderful friends
To be healthy and happy in my own skin
To enjoy a fire in the fireplace
To play Jeopardy with the kids (and beat them shamelessly)
To Watching the beginning of our Heroes Season II DVD (whoa I'm way behind)
To recognize that I am very small and my God is very huge and He indulges me most of the time.
To have the ability to laugh at myself; God knows He does.
To suffer some of the infirmities of life even tho I complain way too much.
To live in the greatest "experiment" of a country and enjoy the freedoms that others have earned for me.
To give back.
To rest.

To have 4 "followers"; may heaven help you and God bless you!

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