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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Turnabout is Fair Play! (WOTS Chronicles cont...)

Friends, you don't know what joy it brings to my heart when I hear stories such as these. I've take too long a break from the Woman on the Streets Chronicles. Much at large has happened including the turnaround story that this picture illustrates. (Turnarounds are what we affectionately refer to as an abortive-minded woman who has had a change of heart and decides not to abort her baby.)

One such turnaround occurred a bit over a year ago where Lynn counseled the young mother in the picture above. On April 11, Easter Vigil, the mom and her growing family came back to join the pro-life crowd at the Avocado Green Planned Parenthood Clinic on 7th Ave to join forces with those who helped her say yes to life. The little guy obviously seems eager to agree with the poster being held which proclaims HUMAN LIFE IS SACRED. Indeed. I have the privilege of standing on the front lines with Lynn and so many others that use their compassion and their voices to proclaim a word that might rouse those who have fallen asleep to the sacredness of life. How do we do this? One little guy at a time.

40 Days for life Campaign is ended but the battle still rages. Please consider joining us either in person on the street or in private in your prayers.

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