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Monday, June 8, 2009

Stopping Obamacare

Stopping Obamacare's Government Option Via The Blue Dogs: The List and Contact Information
Posted by: Hugh Hewitt at 6:45 AM

It is possible to stop the destruction of American medicine, but individual voters are going to have to get involved, led by doctors and other health care professionals who see what President Obama is pushing when it comes to health care. I am going to leave this post up at the top of this site until Monday in order to get the list it contains of contact information as widely disseminated as possible.

The Obama/Pelosi/Reid "government option" in their proposed radical restructuring of American medicine means a shift to a single payer-Canada style system of health care, which in turns means rationing and loss of the ability to pick your own doctors and plan your own treatments. This huge lurch left will be attempted in the next three months, and the passivity of the AMA, the hospitals, and the insurance companies has been astounding as the Beltway elites have concluded there is no way to defeat the large Democratic majorities in the House and Senate. In essence, the groups that should have been fighting with all their resources to preserve quality health care are negotiating terms of surrender.

Or they were until recently when it began to become obvious even to the most Obama-dazzled that the president intends to do to American medicine what he has done to GM: Take it over. The means to that end is the so-called "government option," alone or in combination with various proposed "mandates."

The only way to defeat the "government option" and the worst of the mandates is through the collection of the votes of moderate House Democrats who fear losing their seats in the 2010 election when the backlash against the president's huge expansion of government combines with disappointment over high unemployment to produce the traditional off-year gains for the party-out-of-power. Democrats in center-to-right leaning districts have to survive 2010 in order to get some redistricting help in 2012, but they know what history predicts.

Moderate-to-conservative Democrats in the House are grouped in the so-called "Blue Dog Coalition." Below you will find all the contact information for each of the "Blue Dogs," arranged by state. If you are serious about stopping the "government option" and blocking rationing and the ruin of the leading position of American medicine in the world, you will contact each of these Blue Dogs by phone and e-mail and fax, beginning with those in your state if there are any, and telling them that if they support the government option or burdensome mandates, you will contribute to their 2010 opponent and work to make sure everyone in their district knows that they voted to bring Canadian-style, single payer health care to the U.S. Doctors and health care professionals especially have to weigh in directly by phone and e-mail with these Blue Dogs, and to do so repeatedly. Call their D.C. offices, but also call their district offices. Be specific: If they vote for the "government option" or "mandates," you will work to defeat them. Hard. With cash to their opponents.

I encourage you to send this link to your family, friends, and fellow workers, with a note encouraging them to get involved as well. Not even very loyal House Democrats will vote for the massive and radical overhaul of American medicine if they believe it will be an issue 18 months from now when they face the electorate which will lead to their defeat.

The list is available at the link which is right here:

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