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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Blood Money Trailer...a must see

Recently I was listening to some statistics on the Dennis Prager show about the number of service men and women who have died fighting the War on Terror in Iraq. Please don't misunderstand...any soldier who dies in combat is a tragic loss and a hero in my estimation. The number, which the left deemed unacceptable was somewhere under 900 over the past 7 years. Tragic losses, yes. Exhorbitant...hmmm let's think this through...

3500 Americans killed per day...would this be a horror?
1.2 million humans killed intentionally each year? Unthinkable?
How about 50 million casualties and counting since 1973 in a war that HAS NO EXIT STRATEGY YET... fed up?

These are statistically valid quantities of little humans that die from the horror called Abortion. If you are not for the right to live, then what else is there to be "for"?

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