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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mind-Blowingly Sacred

THIS, my friends, is Sacred Music.  It is glorious. It is elevating. It is what polyphony sounds like. It is uniquely and universally the music of the whole Church. Enjoy.  Your ears will thank you.


  1. SOLI DEO GLORIA! Tears flowed as I listened to the music to which my heart is dedicated. From the time that the good sister at my Catholic grammar school sat me on the organ bench, legs dangling, unable to reach the pedals, but starting to play the accompaniments to Gregorian chant, to the exile I am now enduring, I remain convinced that THIS IS THE MUSIC OF THE SACRED - this is what should be heard, sung and played at the most sacred action in our world today - the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Leave the secular outside the doors of the church. Don't rationalize the popular style of music that is heard in many Catholic parishes today - it's the culture of Relativism at its worst. Can you imagine the angels around God's throne crooning cocktail songs at Him? Neither can I.
    Chant, Hynmnody and Polyphony are alive - they've just been forced into exile. Let's liberate them and restore them to their rightful place in Catholic liturgy. And save the cocktail music for its rightful place - the lounge.
    RedCat's Mom

  2. May I just add to what RedCat's Mom said...DITTO!