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Friday, September 10, 2010

Hawking vs. Spitzer, Round 1


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA! I simply couldn't stop laughing as I listened to Fr. Spitzer completely dismantle Hawking's theory! I watched two episodes of "Through the Wormhole" yesterday on the Science channel, and there again, I laughed a lot as a couple of scientists tried to convince me that there a couple of "membrane sheets" hanging around in space...and when these get close enough, they touch and send out energy, resembling a "big bang", but NOT a ig bang, because these wavy sheets have been hanging around for all eternity and will still be hanging around, creating new universes...HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
    Hawking and scientists like him are really worried that IS A FIRST CAUSE - we call it GOD, who did indeed create through His own power, all that they are trying to explain with their own paltry theories. Hey, I'm just a simple person with no experience in the sciences, but even I can see that there had to be a beginning to all of this...HAHAHAHAHAHA! I think HE might be laughing, too!
    RedCat's Mom

  2. Kudos for this post! Hawking is shooting himself in the foot...for God raises up people like Spitzer to spread the TRUTH!

    PS: Go Catholic Edition!

  3. Hawking is correct. There is no creator. The human species is no miracle-- only a product of the universe. This backwards pastor has obviously not read "a brief history of time" and simply relies on sophomoric assertions which he doesn't even understand. It would be great if he could define more specifically the “evidence” he holds in opposition to science. Until then, I cannot take Spitzer seriously. Honestly, I find this whole debate a scam. Go read a physics textbook and maybe the world will make more sense. Or maybe just rely on a bible which only tells and does not explain any natural functions of the universe. I don't see how humanity can be so oblivious. Instead of praying, I say go out and solve the world's enigmas with math and science. People like Spitzer make a mockery of mankind and put progression at a standstill.

    I don't think we are capable of understanding everything about the universe at this point in time, but I am certain that it was not created by a god. Consider that not everything that exists was created by something.

  4. Hi Dennis, I am wondering how you can be so certain that there is no God while at the same time claiming that we aren't capable of understanding everything about the universe. Your logic seems contradictory.

    You should pick up one of many great book by CS Lewis..."The Problem of Pain" comes to mind. This is more a philosophical treatise on the natural law. There is also the "The Hidden Face of God" tome by Gerald Shroeder. Of course no discourse would really be complete without consulting scripture alongside Peter Kreeft, a great mind and very sharp tool in the community of philosophers. And this is only a beginning. I've read Hawking contradict himself in "A Brief History of Time" a few years back. Science is a part of the picture, but if we are arrogant enough to believe that science explains everything, then I suppose that this too is a dogma that will have it's day eventually . Yes, we need the science, the engineers the physicists, the neurobiologists. We also need men and women of faith to fashion a mind to the brain. A conscience to the action. A cogent integration of mind, body, spirit. Though I disagree with you, I would hope that you would continue to keep seeking. Blessings.

  5. Hello Dennis. You obviously don't understand the inherent contradiction involved in your affirmation that the human species is "only a product of the universe." If our universe came about from random chance as Hawking asserts, then everything produced by the universe also came about by random chance. Therefore, Hawking's brain as well as your own came about by chance. It follow then that your mind is the product of random chance which means your thoughts are as well. Now you have forced yourself into the unenviable position of having to defend how the thought you expressed, "The human spieces is no miracle- only a product of the universe" did not just happen to enter your brain by random chance. After all, you do assert our spieces "is only a product of the universe." Why then did you waste your time and ours by bothering to express what the universe just happened to produce in your mind at a given time and place? Was your thought somehow "Transcendent" or outside the random chance which produced everything else?

    Hawking put his foot in his mouth -again. He should stick to his field and not venture into branches of knowledge (metaphysics) of which he is ignorant lest he continue to be the laughing stock of Catholics.