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Sunday, October 3, 2010

10 Worst (Hymns?) Campfire Songs

If you have not tapped into this wellspring of cathartic energy, you are missing out. Our friends over at First Things (back in July) published this masterful listing of worst Catholic hymns of all time. I'm not sure what I enjoyed most...the list or the exquisite comments that followed. What's amusing is how people choreographed their postings to be lyrically correct..."commmmme live innnnn the liggggght" my gosh, so easy to sing along too!

My contribution:
One Bread One Body (or as a favorite priest friend of mine quips: One Bed, One Body)
Go! (Never heard the song, just amused by the title)
We are one Body
Seed Scattered and Sown (sung with lisp)

Go to the site here:
Are these the 10 worst hymns?

My challenge to them now is to construct a Best Of list.

My contribution:
Panis Angelicus
Tantum Ergo
Ubi Caritas
Adore te Devoto
Beautiful Savior

1 comment:

  1. Let's add I Will Be Strength For the Journey and Breathe! to the befouled list! Let's add to the list of beautiful and theologically correct these hymns - O Sacred Head Surrounded, Ah, Holy Jesus, Stabat Mater, Adoremus Christi...I could go on and on...
    No more boom-chick or cocktail hymns, please!
    RedCat's Mom