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Saturday, August 25, 2012


We went and saw the 2016 movie last night and we were not alone!  Theater was packed. In fact, people were already lining up for the next showing as I was busy at the "fake butter" machine, slathering it all over my feast-o-popped goodness which, I am convinced, will stop my heart someday.

So here is my commentary which will also suffice as reason enough for you to get tickets and tell your friends.

Dinesh D'Souza, director and producer of the documentary is an immigrant. He has a different perspective on America and the way he tells his story dramatically makes this point.  Being from India, he described what it was like to live in a caste system where marriages are arranged and your future is not up to you. When he came to this country on the wings of a golden opportunity, he was grateful and struck by the unlimited possibilities of achieving one's dreams that can be afforded by merely being a citizen here.  Dinesh was wise to bring this out and to contrast it to the plight of the American citizen who has lived here all his or her life and is, perhaps, not so grateful. Yes, he even mentioned the dreaded "entitlement" word, too :-)

I recognized this same concept when I converted to the Catholic Faith.  Coming from a "different faith country" I was an immigrant of sorts into Catholicism; recognizing its towering beauty, its commitment to truth and its binding unity which, to me seemed noble and good. I wanted to saturate myself in its culture and learn as much as I could about it because it drew me and I knew that it was where I was supposed to be. As I looked around to my brother and sister Catholics, I noticed a different appreciation for the faith and not all of it was good. You will often here many cradle Catholics remark that the converts know more about their faith than they do.  And I believe that's because immigrants seek from a place of need. As a starving man seeks food, so does an immigrant seek a new world and when he seizes upon it, he is grateful.

Back to the future (2016)
I believe the film makes 3 important points about BHO
1.  We don't know the man that was elected almost 4 years ago.
2.  We need to know who this man is because he's not who you think he is
3.  We will no longer be America - land of free, home of brave - if he wins a 2nd term.

Dinesh makes the case that Obama's vision of America is one that has to be corrected and balanced with the rest of the world.  That America and her exceptionalism is wrong and has bad outcomes for the underprivileged classes; that somehow, we have taken capitalism to its tyrannical worst conclusion and everything about big business, big church, big family is reminiscent of the colonialism that ruined the cultures that he and his family were part of: Kenya, Hawaii, Indonesia.

This collectivism mindset of Obama's was cultivated by mentors such as Bill Ayers, Communist Frank Davis Marshall, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, his "ghost-father" Barack Obama, Sr., among others. Fastidious care was taken in the film to completely reveal the masterminds behind the 'real' BHO. This part is scary and left me scratching my head at how anyone with this circle of friends could have been vetted by the DNC??!

And that's not all.  The film reaches its climax by bringing on the numbers (with lots and lots of zeros) that will represent the tipping point of the demise of our nation's economy because of taxes and job loss. And we have not mentioned the draw down of our military, another objective that is slowly but surely being met by this administration.  While our neighbors stockpile nuclear armaments, we are busy about the work of reducing our "military footprint" to 0.  You read that right -  0/goose egg.  My jaw was on the sticky floor at this point with all of the stray milk duds.

I appreciated the fact that Dinesh did not bother to go into the HHS debacle or BHO's attack on religious freedom.  Can't you just hear the deafening whining that would have ensued had this important piece been included? "Just a bunch of religious freaks and zealots that want to take away women's rights"....and then...glazed over look. Frankly, that is another documentary that'll save for another day; it will have its own special place in history. This film was strictly an expose about the man, not the myth, Barack Hussein Obama and where this country is headed if we keep our head's buried in popcorn.

I'm going to go back in a 2nd time...with my yellow pad.
Hope?  Change?  There are 73 days left until the election.
Now go!

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