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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Barn's burnt down...

If you work in the mortgage banking industry or are dealing with the toxic mortgage fallout in any way...I am sorry; my heart aches for you. It was a rough day on Wall Street yesterday. Pickup any newspaper, anywhere today and you will see the face of misery.

That is one response.

The other is this; summarized in a great line from the late Gilda Radner: "Barn's burn down, now I can see the moon." Sometimes it takes calamity for us to finally get a broad view.
Ask any alcoholic.

I heard someone recount a great true story yesterday. Goes like this. There was a woman who had hit virtual bottom in her drinking career. One evening, drunk (and driving), she pulled into a church parking lot and shut off the engine. It was the only place she could think of where she might find some solace. She stumbled to the front doors of the church only to find that they were locked. Pounding with both fists she screamed out to God, "Please, help me!!" Silence. Despairing, she returned to her car unsure of where to go or what to do. A few short minutes later, a figure appeared in her line of vision. A woman who had arrived an hour earlier in order to set up and make coffee for a women's AA meeting noticed her. The helpful woman approached the car and spoke to our friend in distress: "I heard someone pounding - do you need some help?"

I don't know if this woman managed to stay sober, but I do know this: God hears our pounding. He is well acquainted with our pain and misery. He died to save us and He longs to help us. We may have to experience set backs, distractions, hateful people, and the few catastrophes that will (yes, will) come our way.

Perhaps a good way to begin today is with a pound or two:

Our Father...

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