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Monday, May 18, 2009

Small step for mankind

My husband, Ron will be making his radio debut in the great state of Iowa tomorrow morning with your Sentinel for Online Catholic News: Catholic Edition. He will be broadcasting a 10min segment of a Catholic Radio program (Bill and Rich in the Morning) to give the lead on a bunch of stories we’re posting to our site. He’ll be doing this EVERY DAY, at 4:30am. (Yay Ron!) This ought to really tick off the farmers. Swine flu has nothing on us.

It is my delight to let you know that 3rd story out of the shoot is the ADF / Michigan Church Invasion Group in Delta Twp. I’m not sure if this will drive lots of donor dollars to ADF or not, but I do know that it will further convince Iowans that people from Michigan are loopy.

Loyal readers and friends. If you happen to be awake at 4:30am, think of Ron and the poor farmers.

Yours in print, radio and beyond…
Pax et bonum

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  1. Are you checking into getting on The Catholic Channel on XM & Sirius Radio too?