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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

I reviewed my goals from 2009. Without detailing what my resolutions really were, let's just say that I was at a pretty dismal 30% completion rate. Only 8 of 24 items were "done" and some of those were pretty fact, I had forgotten that I even kept my resolutions list so the simple fact that I could even find it was a pleasant surprise.

So this year, I resolved to RESOLVE the resolution situation and commit my objectives to paper once again. This time I want to increase my completion rate though (50% would be a huge improvement). And so I've decided FIDO here will suffice as canine inspiration. Fido is expecting that the hat he's wearing will somehow materialize into real cheese if he sidelines his pride and goes along with the program. I'm seeing the similarity here - work with me: if I don the resolution "get up" and go along with the program, I might experience the fruits of goals satisfactorily accomplished.

I've even gone one step further and shared my list with my accountability partner: a new innovation for 2010. Said partner will gently encourage me to share my updates on my resolution list. (I get to do the same). I'll keep you updated on how this all pans out. I have a really good feeling about it this year.

Lord, you gave us the blessing of time. Please bless all who pass by this blog in your new year. Bless their eyes, ears and hands as they traverse the internet. Protect them and keep them out of harm's way. May You continue to prosper the work of our hands and hearts and unite us under your bond of love. Help us to know what to do and grant us the courage to do it. Amen.

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