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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

We Must Subpoena the Conscience of America

I watched last evening’s news in stunned disbelief as the media outlet I was viewing reported about the Houston Abortion Factory.

“In Houston, the country's biggest abortion clinic is "shaped like a cash register"--and set to act like one. Despite plenty of opposition, construction continues on Planned Parenthood's "abortion super center," a six-story building meant to end the stories of thousands of unborn children.” (Tony Perkins, Washington Update)
15 seconds into that segment, a black man who looked like he might have been a preacher used the following exhortation in response to the atrocity under construction: “We must subpoena the conscience of America.” That’s the best line I’ve heard all year and truly, it is a mandate we must follow.

Days ago, our nation celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day. It was impossible not to ponder Planned Parenthood's role in butchering the very basic civil rights for which Dr. King fought--and died. Under the pretense of "better health" and "family planning," Planned Parenthood has mercilessly targeted black children for abortion, fulfilling--not Dr. King's dream--but that of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger. Since 1973's Roe v. Wade decision, 14 million black children have been casualties of the racial agenda of Planned Parenthood. This 14 million represents a genocide of little over one-fifth of the total number of unborn who have died in the post-modern ‘slaughter of the innocents’.

We must subpoena the conscience of America. We actually need to abduct it and detoxify it, similar to what we do with rescuing our loved ones from the clutches of cults. The abortion issue, along with every other pro-life issue, seems hopelessly complex to most Americans. Polls consistently show that the American public does not understand that abortion is legal through all nine months of pregnancy for any reason. And what’s worse, we usually can’t find any common ground to have a thorough discussion of the arguments that comprise the pro-choice vs. pro-life battle. How many times have you been embroiled in the “it’s just a mass of tissue” argument and can’t find your tonsils from your toes? Or how do you answer the aggravating: “I think abortion is wrong but who am I to tell a woman she can’t have one”. Or, “it’s the law of the land” and therefore legal makes it moral. Most people step over that one like it’s a pile of cow manure. I challenge you, just because these arguments don’t come easy, does not mean that they can or should go unanswered. We have an obligation to speak the truth in love to our brothers and sisters.

So if we are to subpoena the conscience of America, just how and where do we begin to learn the language of conscience? How do we raise our conscience to the moral and ethical issues that confront our age…our generation and the generations to come? I’ll tell you how. EDUCATION. It is our responsibility to know, learn, speak and articulate the facts with conviction and LOVE to those around us. We can no longer remain content with the unchallenged notions that find their way into our universities, schools, churches and homes. The culture of death has become predatory and, like a cancer, will continue to fester until it is stopped. How many more millions must die before we indignantly shriek “no more”?

We must subpoena the conscience of America…so won’t you join me in a morning of education? If you’re in the Phoenix area on January 30, Our Lady of Joy Catholic Church in Carefree, partnering with Arizona Right to Life will present…

Abortion: Inside the Choice; Intelligently, Graciously and Effectively Defending Innocent Human Life
Saturday, January 30

Continental Breakfast

Our Lady of Joy Catholic Church, Carefree, Arizona

approximately 15 mins north of Loop 101/Pima Rd. Exit on the northeast corner of Pima and Cave Creek Roads.

A documentary will accompany honest interaction and dialogue, along with expert testimony. The workshop seeks to give clear, factual answers to an issue that has divided many along socio-political and religious lines. The morning’s purpose is to discover the truth about abortion, when life actually begins, if women really need abortion, what “choice” really means and if abortion truly hurts women.

On Friday, January 22 we will sorrowfully gather to pray in a Day of Penance for the evil that is abortion. We will unite our tears with Rachel’s as we mourn the 50,000,000 children who are no longer. We will link arms also with all of those who long for the day where we shall be free at last. Let us ponder the charge of our reverend friend who so graciously planted a worthy seed into the bosom of the soul that is still the land of the free and home of the brave: We must rouse her from her sleep.

We must subpoena the conscience of America.


  1. To educate the community about the racist roots of Planned Parenthood and the organizations Eugenic ideas, get a copy of a fully documented film on this toic released this summer called: maafa21 Black Genocide in 21st Century America by clicking here: http://www.maafa21com

  2. Maafa 21 is a real eye-opener and must see for anyone who fights for the rights of the unborn. After the workshop on the 30th, we'll be pushing for a public viewing of this documentary.
    Thanks for mentioning this.

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