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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Run so as to Win

So I sez to myself, "Self, there's a big race coming up and I think you're ready for this one".
Lil' self replies, "only if I get to cheat my lenten fast with a small morsel of chocolate...then I'll run the race."
Big Self sez, "nonsense!...this is for the Desert Nuns. Just look at the example they are setting for us with sacrificial prayers, penance, offerings, a life of celibacy, wearing all those duds in the 113 degree heat. Are you going make me remind of you of that Almighty ME thing again?"
Lil' Self replies, "but my legs are so white and I've never run a race, and what if I come in last, and..."
Big Self retorts, "you are ready for the 5k Lil Self. You've been running the 5k five times a week for the past year. You are,in fact overqualified for the 5k. It's time to think BIG like me and run the 10k!"
"10k, are you nuts? The last time I decided to run 6 miles I about puked. Besides, this isn't about showing off...this is about showing up." argues Lil Self.
"You make a valid point Lil Self. Mind if I challenge you?"
"Will it make a difference if I said 'no'", answers Lil self sarcastically.
"You know those folks who have offered to sweeten their pledge if you finish first or faster?"
"Yup" sez Lil Self.
"How about if you counter offer and ask them to double their pledge if you double your distance?" Big Self countermands.
Lil Self falls silent for a change.
"Then you could really show up" adds Big Self.
"but I might puke?"
"but you might finish, too. And you also might be able to make a really splendid pledge to those beautiful nuns for their new digs in Tonopah."
"You know what, Big Self?" asks Lil Self
"What Lil Self?"
"I hate it when you're right."

Interested in pledging Karen for the Fun Nun Run on March 20 in Glendale AZ, send me an email with your pledge amount

You can visit the Desert Nuns on their website at...

They are looking for walkers/runners for the 5K or 10K, shadow runners and volunteers for that day. Contact Karen if you're interested.


  1. O.K. Big Self, you're on! If Lil Self doubles her distance (even if she pukes), I will double my pledge.

  2. Hi Lil Self - about that "puking" - I ran in the olden days (read 1980's) - I started out just like you - 5k, then 10k, then half marathon - yep, that's 13.1 miles - and I didn't puke - neither will you! A few blisters and dried salt from sweat on your face, maybe. But the feeling of self mastery - priceless - as the credit card ad says. But the best part is the support you show for those wonderful nuns - and you already hold in your sweaty little hands our pledge money. YOU GO, GIRL!!
    RedCat's Mom