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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Could the AZ Immigration Bill be a Mercy to the Hispanic Population?

This is my reponse to Abp Dolan's "Immigration Reform" Post of today, April 27.

With all due respect Archbishop, while Mexico may be unsafe, unstable and undesirable, I’m not sure the best place for a Latina is necessarily in Arizona. Where healthcare reform has ushered in a new age for “reproductive freedom” paid for by the American taxpayer we will welcome across our borders new Mexican families and shuttle them to Planned Parenthood facilities to rob them of their hard-earned money , kill their mexican babies and place them on Depo Provera. Because we failed to elect a president and legislators that would have prevented this travesty, because we failed to live up to our baptismal calling to follow our conscience on such matters, the blood-letting expands now to all immigrants –especially the hispanic population– because our minds have not changed on this since the eugenics movement began. Yes, we have a problem that needs to be solved with immigration. Yes, the Jan Brewer bill seems to be a response to the killing, drug proliferation and ridiculousness of our current system to protect our borders from those who are not citizens here. But what, when, where, how will someone come up with real solutions rather than offer their criticisms? We may be sheep, but we are not dupes. We need life-affirming laws that actually do something. Prudentially speaking, what is wrong with enacting the laws that protect US borders? Ah yes..come to America where we can offer you coupons to Planned Parenthood.

You can read Archbishop Dolans' post here
I love the Archbishop. He is a stalwart protector and defender of life and a prince of the church. I do believe that there are many folks that have differing viewpoints on the immigration issue and I think it's healthy to discuss them. Bravo for the digital age that allows such communicative bridges. 

Within every problem there is an opportunity so great & so large that it literally dwarfs the problem. (Dang, I think I've heard that before???)          Albert Einstein

Let us never, then, lose hope.


  1. I left a comment on the Archbishop's site. I hope it is published with no "moderation."
    Please have a look.
    RedCat's Mom

  2. I am sorry to find out that the Archbishop's office declined to print my comment, which described a raid on a drop house in Phoenix. It seems that the office doesn't want people to know what really happens when 20 or 30 barefoot illegal men and women are treated like cattle by the "coyote" to whom they paid their last peso, to be hidden in a stinking van and driven across the border in the dead of night. They can then be discovered by the police and deported back to Mexico. Now if they had decided to apply for a work visa and come here with PAPERS, the scene would be very different.
    My father came here on a ship back in the days of Ellis Island . He had PAPERS and was never ashamed to show them. I have seen the ship's manifest and still have his naturalization certificate. What's the problem with following the LAW?
    RedCat's Mom