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Monday, April 26, 2010

What is a Sidewalk Counselor?

A sidewalk counselor might be the last human being supporting motherhood that a mom or dad-in-crisis encounter before ending up in the hands of an abortionist. The sidewalk counselor stands in a precarious balance between life and death, usually on a dirty sidewalk in front of an abortion clinic. It is the last place in the world some people would want to be. But it is an awesome place to be too, if you want a real glimpse into human suffering.  It is a way to the foot of the cross.

What is a sidewalk counselor, or more importantly, who is a sidewalk counselor? Perhaps it might be helpful to explain what a sidewalk counselor is not. A sidewalk counselor is not a street preacher, a terrorist, a political activist, or even an expert in the field of counseling per se. He or she is not of any particular race, denomination, creed, color, or political persuasion. He or she is not affiliated with any formal organization and is not paid for his or her services. He or she is not necessarily super-heroically brave but is willing. He or she is not an expert or possessing of any special intuitive knowledge; but they do remain teachable & trainable. He or she does not believe that they have all of the answers to life’s questions but does believe firmly that the unborn have a living place in our society. He or she is not arrogant or prideful but humble and compassionate. He or she is not easily shaken by the errors in judgment of others because they are profoundly aware of their own human nature. He or she not only supports the mothers in crisis on the sidewalk but also challenges the fathers, doctors, workers, and passers-by to awaken their hearts to life. He or she is not perfect but persistently tries to be better. He or she is not bothered by a little weather but, in season or out of season, brings sunblock.

If you would like to know more about this interesting role in the pro-life movement, and you happen to be in the Valley of the Sun, please consider joining us for a few hours on Saturday, May 15 from 10am-1pm at the Diocesan Pastoral Center located at 400 E. Monroe in downtown Phoenix. LeeAnne Abel and I, members of the AzRTL Speakers Bureau will be there to lead discussion, role plays and teachings in the realm of Sidewalk Counseling. All are welcome and no experience is necessary. Light refreshments will be served. There is no registration fee however a free-will donation will be collected. Please email Karen to register at

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