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Saturday, May 8, 2010

'Man Up' and Stop the Violence Against Women

A telling article by Brian Clowes, director of research and training for Human Life International.  When is reproductive freedom offered as an answer to stop violence against women? According to Planned Parenthood and Alan Guttmacher, only when it insists that women kill their offspring to assure it.

The Guttmacher Institute Redefines 'Violence Against Women'

By AGI (Alan Guttmacher Institute) definitions, then, a man can only avoid being labeled a "reproductive controller" if he never expresses any opinion whatsoever as to whether he wants a child and lets the woman make all of the decisions without his input -- in other words, the radical feminist's ideal man. Of course, this "ideal man" must also keep his mouth shut when paying for all of her reproductive decisions without question, whether it be footing the bill for an abortion (even if he is pro-life) or paying for however many children the woman wants to bear.

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