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Monday, May 10, 2010

Sidewalk Counseling in the 21st Century

Steve Jobs just might make an Apple convert out of me yet.  Check this out. This is the perfect accessory for those in the Pro-Life movement to sport on the sidewalk starting this spring.  The new app allows you to see the features of a fetus growing in the womb from as early as the 4th week after conception. It would have been even nicer if they could have included the ever important conception to fourth week time period, but perhaps that is the next upgrade. Can you just see us out there with our new techy tool..."Hey Mom, wanna take a peek at what little Junior is doing there in inside of you? By the 8th week after conception, all of the parts of a human being are present, they just need to grow. We are told that what is needed to bring about the end to abortion is conversion of heart. One way to do that, is to make the hidden visible. This is what needed to happen with the Nazi holocaust. It is what needs to happen with the holocaust that is abortion.
Congratulations Pampers....Apple....
It's an obvious assertion that keeping your future customer base alive is a good business model!

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