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Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Arizona Bakers Dozen Goes to Washington!

The AZ Baker's Dozen = Folks making the trek to the DC March for Life.  (*) indicates will be delivering a testimony on the Steps of the Supreme Court this Monday with Father Frank Pavone, Dr. Alveda King and many, many more:
Monica Jordan *
Brenda Cole *
Tanya Gallegos *
Richard Perea
Linda Diamond *
Margie Cavolina *
Debbi Gambert *
Karen Williams *
Carol Carnese *
Karen Ord *
Rudy Cavolina
Patti Palmer *
Viv Elder (supports SNM)

I share the post of Regional Coordinator of the Phoenix Chapter of Silent No More with a sister in Christ - Monica Jordan.  At first, I felt like Simeon: pressed into service at the behest of a soldier named "Obligation".  It was my turn to carry the freight, so to speak.  I had already been doing a good bit of pro-life work so I figured that this would fit reasonably into my schedule.  One thing I had not counted on was the inspiration & fighting spirit of these women (and men) warriors.  It is a small group but I found out right away that they are MIGHTY.  Soon we were sharing our horror stories; soon we were seeing how the light was shining through all of the broken glass.  Was God about to do something great in us?

You betcha.

It was Margie who suggested the DC March For Life 2011 back in September.  It was seconded, thirded and then lauded as all our heads were nodding, including my own.  How shall we pay for this?  To Whom should we go?  God answered our prayers and the pro-life folks of the Phoenix metropolitan area know the rest of that story.  It was you.  Your prayers and your dollars afforded a baker's dozen of us to fly to DC to the March and tell our stories on the steps of the Supreme Court.

Yes, it is hard for one woman to get up in front of a room full of strangers and talk about her abortion.  We have been bolstered and inundated by prayers and support from those who know us and from virtual strangers.  But truly, I am in awe of the courage that I have witnessed over a few short months from Silent No More - Team Phoenix.  My hat is off to you.  They are following our Bishop's mandate to Love Christ above all things and to serve His Church.  So on behalf of the AZ Baker's Dozen, I would like to thank the following folks who have generously contributed to our cause.  I will spirit you along with me on our journey - most especially your intentions will be lifted at the Mass on Sunday evening.  I will keep a blog journal as well so check back often.

We love our Sponsors: 
Arizona Knights of Columbus / Herb Maddox
Knights of Columbus - Corpus Christi Council 10062
Knights of Columbus - St Benedict’s Council 12246
Knights of Columbus - St. Bridget Council 9800
Knights of Columbus -  Fr. Patterson Council #2131
Carolyn Diercksmeier
Margaret Hinski
Genny Jones
Father Don Kline 
The Leonards
Greg and Anne Myers
Florence Schultz
Judith Stroick
Ron Williams & Family
Bruce and Sharon Wolff

Please check back again and next post will be the actual testimony I will read from the steps of the Supreme Court.  I will also try to post pics to give you that behind the scenes perspective.  Technology is grand. 


  1. God bless all of you in your brave witness for life. I'll be following you on TV, the Internet and the iPhone.
    RedCat's Mom

  2. An amazing experience, one I will never forget. All of us united in Christ. As brothers & sisters we share our pain of regret and vow to be silent no more! Thank you Karen for making such tremendous efforts & stepping up to be a great leader! May God continue to bless our journey & continue to allow us to spread awareness to protect the unborn.