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Sunday, March 27, 2011

What we can learn from Labradors about guilt

1. Guilt is painful
2. Guilt is hard to hide
3. Guilt can implicate others
4. Guilt can separate us from the ones we love
5. Guilt can lead us to remorse for past behaviors
6. Guilt is best followed by action to repair wrongs
7. We need not remain in guilt; in fact, it is ill advised to remain in the doghouse of guilt
8. Guilt can make our spirit droop
9. Guilt makes us feel bad but does not mean that we are bad (now shame is a different story)
10. Guilt can pave the way to repentance
11. Guilt is a signal that we have a conscience
12. Guilt can be a (doggie) door to God

This pupster is an irresistible example of guilt. Right down to his little grin...c'mon, be honest...don't we try to downplay it too?


  1. Hmm...whipped cream? Sometimes that's what we think we're getting when we sin... but it's really soap on our tongue! Guilt is good for a time, encouraging us to return to our Master. How good it is to know that He wipes away that soapy guilt and replaces it with the feast of His Love. Woof!

  2. What a unique gift our dog and cat friends are to us. Dogs though, have really cornered the market on mirroring human characteristics unlike other pets. I can't really see a cat doing this (or a hamster, bunny, bearded lizard).'s best friend=Fido. What a mirror they are to our own behavior. CS Lewis once commented about training dogs. "We train them to be like us in order to love them better". In the exchange, we get something made sort of in our likeness. Hmmm, this is a familiar concept?