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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lies & Buzzwords Planned Parenthood want you to buy

Here are the must-haves that the PP crowd (including the dems in congress) think indispensable:
Birth Control
Cancer Screening
STD Testing
Prenatal Care (Oh, and we know what THAT means at a PP clinic)

(I'm becoming so exasperated by that last word...I should have given it up for lent.  Perhaps I will strike it from my Easter Season lexicon.)

And they think the only place one can get them is (drumroll please):  Planned Parenthood.
These mantras are repeated over and over again like a skip in an old vinyl record. And if you're paying attention to the news media and to the PP Channel on's gone viral.  That's their story and they're stickin to it. They will slap you in the face by telling you that you are throwing women under the bus and taking away their healthcare rights if you make one move to defund this organization.  They are bullies and liars. We must continue to examine the motives of this hostile organization and why it is becoming agonizingly clear that the current administration and pro-choice congress wants you to know that it is refusing to budge on what they initially considered a minor issue.

All those buzzwords? It is a ruse.  This is all a "get you in the door" ploy.  Don't be fooled. Planned Parenthood (somebody mistakenly called that Planned Partnerhood once which is a funny irony); makes its living off of abortion services which include and are not limited to contraception on demand, surgical abortion and chemical abortion.  In other words, they are in business to slay of the unborn within the womb and to re-educate you on why this posture must be maintained. They even think that the American woman should be entitled to co-payless birth control pills and dressed up a young woman in a pill container to travel around a large metropolitan city under the title of BC Girl to convince you of this necessity..  (google on BC Girl Planned Parenthood YouTube) .. I wonder if BC Girl is aware that birth control pills are considered, by the American Cancer Society, a class I carcinogen? I bet she's a bit quiet about that.

An excerpt from the book Demonic Abortion will show you precisely that the PP model is a business plan to gain access to your teenager and to indoctrinate them into the culture of death by means of an "unholy trinity": contraception, comprehensive sex education and abortion. These three standard tactics of the death peddlers work in a sick harmony to distort and mutate all the things that God considers sacred. From the book...

Abortion promoters do not go into traditional cultures and try to convince them to start killing their babies. Quite the opposite, oftentimes the abortion-promotors enter disguised as St Paul describes the devil and his servants as "angels of the light", to deceive a culture into thinking that they are preventing abortion by promoting contraception as a solution to "unwanted pregnancies".  They claim that fewer children will bring greater economic prosperity and that the development of their country is intimately tied to reducing their birth rate.  In other words, in overt and subtle ways, they blame the economic poverty of a country on children and stigmatize large families as irresponsible. At times, they impose government-ordered limits on child-bearing overtly or punish reproduction through other forms of disincentives like social pressure and medical coercion.  Along with that, the abortion promoters, rarely, if ever, admit that contraception fails, because they know that when it does, it creates a need for abortion as its sinister backup.

They also tell you that all of this nonsense is Healthcare that women should be entitled to and if somebody in congress doesn't write that check, then WE are evil.

Watching this video, you will learn that the president of PP admits that the Planned Parenthood doctor may be the ONLY DOCTOR that a woman may see all year.  Do you realize what a monopoly that is?  Do you see what kind of money & power these people seek and cannot afford to lose? If you were a doctor (a real doctor providing legitimate healthcare), wouldn't you like access to a portion of the $363 million dollars that come to you every year?  Wouldn't that be extraordinary job security?

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