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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Crashing the Planned Parenthood "War on Women" Rally

Basically, a woman carrying a beautiful message ["Unplanned Pregnancy=Unplanned JOY"] about pro-life brought her children in a stroller to the center of the rally where she was starting to be surrounded by pro-death people.  We ended up gathering around her and praying together.  I am so proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with such warriors for life.

Monday was the opening day of the Arizona State Legislature.  Though we were outnumbered 4:1 (approximately) you can see by the video where the powerful message was.  We sorta crashed the Planned Parenthood "War on Women" rally down at the Capitol Complex.  The demographic on the pro-choice side was mainly a bunch of 60ish women who are very angry.  They get right up in your face and call you nasty things and use vulgar language.  They ask ridiculous questions like "so are you going to pay for their health care, shoes, food, education?"  I guess the logic they are compelling us to consider is that children are too we should kill them.  Children require expensive education and health care... so we should kill them.  Children are impoverished and they are better off dead.  I wonder how they will feel in about 5-10 more years when someone decides that they are a burden.

 Me and Callie holding our signs under the flagpole
 Patti and I with our Silent No More witness
 How about those bodies inside of those wombs?  Who is carrying their sign?  
 Bravo Beautiful Women who vote (and will vote someday!) 
Somethin' tells me she ain't talkin about her cereal box
 There can be dialogue.  This lady asked me to pose with her.  She shook my hand and was pleasant.  She commented that she wanted to show people that we can be reasonable.  I was happy appear with her  even though we disagree. 
Pro-Life Warriors in front of the AZ Senate building.  
We love you!  Choose Life. 


  1. Great work. THANKS The AZ Republic quoted a little of an interview with me in Jan. 10th paper. It is on page B3

    Yours for Life,
    Beth Hallgren
    Metro Phoenix 40 Days for Life (501c3)

  2. I am proud to be a "sixty- ish woman" who stood behind the surrounded birth mother with my sign, " defund planned parenthood" and "we love you - choose life". Never before at a demonstration like this, even back in NY, have I ever encountered such hatred. These other "sixty-ish" women were ugly in their vibrant pink T shirts and strident in their infernal chanting. Never before have I been touched ( legally read assaulted) by opposing demonstrators. Three women and one man actually did this in an effort to get me to listen to their points of twisted view. The courage of the women who came with their precious babies humbled and exalted us pro- life demonstrators. May Our Lady continue to give us strength as She did during the recitation of Her Rosary, led by a courageous priest, unafraid to be seen in a cassock. We pray for the conversion of these older women who soon may be victims of euthanasia when they are no longer useful or are too expensive to keep alive...that is what they believe...if life becomes inconvenient or too expensive, get rid of it. How sad.