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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Why this pro-lifer will not be running in Komen's Race for the Cure

Call me a cynic, but I have had it up to my eyebrows with the play acting done by Susan G. Komen foundation.  I'll be honest with you. I did do a bit of a happy dance when I first heard the news about their decision to distance themselves from Planned Parenthood.  My first reaction was..."they have finally listened to us".  But then my heart sank.  I read the fine print which said stuff like: they still want to "maintain a relationship PP"; "it was nothing they (PP) were doing wrong"; "we are following a new policy".

It is my opinion that this new "policy" is corporate-speak for "we really haven't changed our tune but have grown weary of not being able to collect the big bucks from the pro-life crowd".  In other circles it sounds like this:  Sure honey, I'll go to marriage counseling with you if it makes you happy....Or the DUI recipient who is forced into 12-step recovery meetings....or the having to go to Mass to avoid hell concept.....or I'll give up my mistress on the weekends.  It is an appeasement with no foreseeable conviction and I sense that there is a money motive involved.

Allow me to use another illustration.  Not too long ago in Arizona, there was some amazing legislation that kicked in which curtailed the business practices of many abortuaries and caused a few of them to close.  The same thing happened.  The pro-lifers holding vigil at those clinics did the happy dance and went home.  Guess what?  Those abortuaries are open again and the shell games continue.  I'm not suggesting that this is a strategy that they are using, however it does make one wonder.

Just picture it:  we all start "racing for the cure" and then whammo...  Komen's back in business with PP claiming all sorts of new reasons why the investigation didn't yield any substantive claims; why Planned Parenthood is really for women's reproductive rights, and how there's really no connection between PPs Class I Carcinogen products and the outrageous occurrences of breast cancer.  And our money will be in their pockets just as quickly as you can say "Bob's your uncle".

Here's more.  Komen has known FOR YEARS that there is hearty evidence that links abortion, oral contraceptives and other Planned Parenthood products to breast cancer.  They have chosen to ignore it.  They have known FOR YEARS that the World Health Organization has declared oral contraceptives a Class I carcinogen, ranking right up there with tobacco and asbestos.  They have chosen to ignore it.  They have listened to the cold, hard, scientific facts and testimonials from abortion-wounded women FOR YEARS and ridiculed them for their beliefs.  Planned Parenthood's track record for lying about providing mammograms has been well-documented FOR YEARS yet Komen is the only one being fooled by this?  In my book, until Komen admits their outlandish and blatant disrespect for the women they claim to serve, I will continue to believe that they are a fraud.

Sorry, but the chances of my running in a Komen Race for the Cure are about as great as a child's chance for life in a Planned Parenthood clinic.


  1. The bottom line - bucks - keeps Komen in bed (a-hem) with PP. How much more deception will this country swallow in the name of protection of women's rights?Rights to what? The right to break the fifth commandment? No pink ribbons for me either.

  2. So I wonder if Komen will be issuing refunds to all of the pro-lifers who donated? Doubtful... they will get away with pick-pocketing the "anti-abortion" crowd. Both PP and Komen made out like thieves...oh, wait a sec; that's what they are. What an amazing lesson this has been.