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Friday, July 13, 2012

Contraceptives are Controversial. Period.

10 Facts Melinda Gates and All Persons should learn about Contraceptives
from Human Life International...

1.  Melinda Gates' favorite form of birth control is Depo Provera. But hormonal contraceptives, particularly injectable methods like Depo Provera, have been shown to increase the transmission rate of HIV/AIDS.

2.  At the UN's 1994 International Conference on Population and Development in Cairo, Western elites' language of population control was officially changed to the language of "equality," "sustainability" and "reproductive health." The population control tactics, however, did not change.

3.  Melinda Gates' partners, Marie Stopes International and International Planned Parenthood Foundation, were founded by leaders in the early eugenics and population control movements, and who were very open about the fact that they did not like the idea of poor people of color having children.

4.  Several types of hormonal contraceptives have been labeled Group-1 Carcinogens - the same category as cigarettes and asbestos - by the World Health Organization.

5.  There are documented health problems caused by the pill and other hormonal contraceptives.

6.  Many nations continue to use coercive means to stop women from having children, most notoriously in China, India and Uzbekistan.

7.  The British government, co-sponsor of Melinda Gates' birth control project, was recently found to be funding a forced sterilization campaign in India.

8.  Hormonal contraceptives are associated with a significantly increased risk of breast cancer. In a 2012 study published in the Journal of Cancer Research, researchers from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center looked specifically at DMPA (Depo Provera) and found that it doubled the risk of breast cancer.

9.  Melinda Gates claims she is against abortion, but her partner, Planned Parenthood, has publicly set a goal of increasing abortion services in Africa by 82% by 2015.

10.  The US Food and Drug Administration is responding to the growing body of scientific research that shows serious risks of deep vein blood clots associated with hormonal contraceptive use.

Many people in our culture have been misinformed about the realities of contraception...I being one of them.  The problem is far more prolific than what most policy wonks want to attribute.  We must begin in earnest to educate the ignorant.  After's a spiritual work of mercy to do so.  There's a great article right here: The Christian View of Sex that can help aid your understanding.

Could we not suggest to Melinda that her many millions might be best spent on NFP education rather than reproductive chemical warfare?

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