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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

All you discalced out there...

Happy Feast Day!
We celebrate our dear Saint and Friend in heaven...St. Teresa of Avila. I have great admiration for this true reformer:
A. She was feisty, tenacious & had an extraordinary sense of humor.
B. She didn't shy away from a good fight
C. She had her own share of trial and tribulation and rose to the occasion. Her virtue was heroic.
D. She was 'burdened' with good looks and had to weather the scandal of personal suitors even while in the convent
E. She would have fit in rather nicely here in 2008; ergo, her lessons bear a timeless quality that we can still learn from.
F. She loved the Lord with heart, mind and soul.

"If you want me to rest,
I desire it for love;
If to labor,
I will die working:
. . . Calvary or Tabor give me,
Desert of fruitful land;
As Job in suffering
Or John at Your breast;
Barren or fruited vine,
Whatever be Your will:
What do you want of me?"

And one for the road...

Everything obtains.
Who possesses God
Nothing wants.
God alone suffices."

St. Teresa, pray for us.

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