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Saturday, October 25, 2008

O Say, Can You See?

At Mass tonight, I had the privilege of watching a newly baptized, uniform-clad marine receive his first Holy Communion. I kept wondering how he'd remember this moment as he serves out his tour in Afghanistan; one he leaves for in a few short days. He was obviously motivated to receive the sacraments now, rather than wait. He is wise.

This marine made choices based upon a real world and real issues that must be confronted. Vital in every way is our own call to be faithful citizens as is articulated yet again in another brilliant piece written by Cardinal Rigali ...

Throughout our history, Catholics have earned their right to call themselves patriotic Americans. Faithful citizenship not only includes dying for one’s country or working towards its prosperity, it also includes being faithful to a law which is higher than the expediency of the moment with the same generosity of body and heart, and the same courage that is given on the battlefield and in the workplace. We remind ourselves of this as we continue to be called to faithful citizenship and respect for life in the “earthly city” without forgetting that we are ultimately called to live as citizens of heaven forever.

Read the article in entirety,

The Catholic Standard & Times

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