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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Winter Party

I got this today in my email regarding my son's 6th grade Christmas, I mean uh, holiday, no, um, winter party.

Hi Parents. The winter party is among us. I am wondering if any of you have ideas for activities. The kids are older and although they would very much enjoy decorating cookies, we should probably do a bit more...

The party will be Friday 19th 12-1:30pm.

So perhaps I would suggest telling the great story of the birth of Jesus Christ, a historical figure that a vast majority of people in this counrty believe to be the Son of God most high who came to earth to save man from his deplorable, pride-ful, unhumble, sinful, destined-for-hell existence. No? Well how about we sing some Christmas, I mean holiday, well er uh winter songs that warm our hearts about this lovely time of year when the snow is falling and the...hey wait a minute; I live in Arizona where it's about 65-70 degrees this time of year. Ok, back to the drawing board. How about we talk about that festive, oversized, red-suited, jolly old elf named Santa Clause? He seems to like to have a good time and all flying around on the magic sled and woooops, not only is he one of those saint guys, but he....SMOKES. So sad. I saw some promise. Ok, how about I consult a few pagans and wiccans and really get down to this winter party idea. After all, this is "yule"season folks and everybody knows that in the northern hemi, the pags and druids all celebrate the longest night of the year...Winter...Dec 21. So between now and then I'll be collecting up all of my stones, herbs, candles, celtic dragons, and incense sticks and wait for the amazing sun to begin its long journey back to earth.

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