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Thursday, February 5, 2009

bye Dawn

Several posts ago I asked you to pray for my friend, Dawn, suffering with a cancer that literally ravaged her over the course of 2 and a half years. Our prayers for her have been answered (just not as we had hoped), and last week she lost her hard-fought battle. Dawn was 41, with a loving husband and three sons: a freshman in HS, a middle-schooler and a first grader. This kind of pain just stabs you. Dawn was one of our employees for many years until she could no longer work due to the disease. She was a hard worker and always went the extra mile (sometimes literally!) to pick up the surveys that needed to be input. She never complained. She loved her husband and her kids. She didn't want to die, and in fact, made a big stink about not wanting to look like a quitter. I didn't ever think Dawn was a quitter. I admired her and respected her.

Dawn was a hockey mom and true to form, the NDP Team showed up at Mass today wearing their hockey jerseys in support of the Family. It was an amazing scene. One of the seniors on the team also lost his mom when he was 5. He's taking Will under his wing. Proof to me once more that God will always draw good out of bad. (And yes, those big tough boys do cry). There's more to this story that has not been written yet. Today we are left with our tears and the empty pain of loss. The Gospel that was chosen though was the story of Lazarus...and we know how that ends. The veil that separated has been torn asunder. I know this and believe this. I'm still sad. I know God understands.
I will miss you Dawn.

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