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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Woman on the Street Chronicles, Ch 1

Last week I told you about my first visit to our "Adopted" Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic that we are hoping to close with our efforts of prayer, fasting and sacrifices. Today, I returned with my husband for another hour. This time, there were no familiar faces, however we joined up with three other women: 2 young and one elderly woman who had the energy & boldness of St. Joan of Arc. Since I'll be posting on this subject frequently, I've decided to give it the label: "Woman on the Street Chronicles"; translated literally since I am standing only 4 feet from 45mph traffic.

Today's Streetview:

The elderly woman we were praying with is named Francine. I got a feeling that I'll be seeing more of her. She held up a 8" crucifix to the cars exiting the parking lot. There were times she prayed on both knees. She passed out literature to passersby. She didn't say too much to any of us, however her devotion was purposeful and without apology. People did not make eye contact with Francine.

More panhandlers: They seem to think we have cash. I make it a point to not carry anything but my bottled water. Next week, I'll bring back more holy medals.

The Cussers: There were only 2 this time. One of the women I was with had an interesting take. The expletives that emerge from the folks that don't want us here can possibly be likened to the influences of nastiness that also bubbled up from those the Lord confronted when He cast out demons. (Demons don't like being cast out). I'm not suggesting that we're doing anything similar to exorcisms here, but I do feel that some of that awful hatred is from a very dark place.

The Gay Bar: Found out today that there is one of those located right across the street...Pat O's Bunkhouse. More reason for us to be praying.

I find that I look forward to my time at the little green building. Don't get me wrong, I do want this place to close up and never reopen. What is it that draws me? Oddly enough, I think it is purposeful prayer with complete strangers. These people are from all over the valley, but we share a common interest - trying to change a mind; trying to save a life. Being part of their devotion unites me to a something much bigger than me, myself and I. I think this is true of most devotions when done in the spirit of unity of purpose and done with a heart that possesses some degree of gratitude and charity. Did we change any minds today? Did we save any lives today? My wager is no. Perhaps all we did was put a pebble in a shoe.

And we all know how annoying that can be.

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  1. I know you aren't asking for this, but: thank you for standing there and praying. God bless you.