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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

WOTS Chronicles,Ch 2...Hey Kalispell, you're doin' it right!

An observation from the 40 Days for Life Woman on the Street:

When we are finally face to face with an abortion-minded woman, I must remind myself that her indoctrination into her mindset began when she was very, very young. In fact, my best efforts in trying to save a child (and a mom) will be thwarted 9 times of 10 simply because we are entering her reality so late in the game. By the time she arrives at a abortion clinic she will have committed in her mind and in her heart that this is what HAS to happen because society has told her that she is ill-equipped and ill-prepared to parent a child. Her ability to search her heart has been undermined by a culture that has bombarded her with messages that convince her that a convenient & nuisance-free life is the only one worth really living.

The name of our Abortion Doctor at avocado green building on 7th Avenue in Phoenix is Dr. Child. The vanity plate on his car reads: "Abort Me".
Kidding? I wish I were. Pray for him.

Do we give up? Heck no. There is that one child.

To get a broader picture of what a "real" sidewalk counselor does, check out the troopers up in Kalispell, Minnesota in 1 degree temps!

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  1. My OB/GYN with my first child had vanity plates: DLIVRD. I loved that! This "Dr." you've shared here . . . some times I wonder if these folks with the death agenda want to die themselves? They are so lost. I'm going to keep praying . . . and the insight of the heart/mind of the girls going in there, that we are coming in late in the game . . . wow. So true.